Selected CV only from 2000 - 2021

Sanne Moe born 1949, is a camera-based artist living and work in Northern Jutland in Denmark.


Get off. Nationwide stencil registration


Solo show "Skincolour" in cooperation with ARTSPACE, Aarhus Denmark 


Art collaboration with ethnic minority. Exhibition platform will be published during the spring of 2019


Blindgyder. (Dead Ends) BLINDGYDER is a survey area that we run from 2018 and in the year 2019/2020

MASKING. Photographic series and street action.


Studies at the Factory for Art and Design Copenhagen Denmark Produces the photographic series SKIN COLOR.


NO REST FOR A WORLD, photografhic action in front of the Russian Embassy as a comment to the assault in Ukraine, in Oslo 2014.


TORPEDO18­art space in cooperation Torpedo18 AIMS contemporary art in Difficult Accessible locations in public and private spaces. The Danish Heart, Venice Public, unofficial comment in an international context setup in pavilion area, Gardini ­ the Venice

Biennale the 2011. ‘The Danish Heart’ is a site­specific intervention located in the Gardini entrance area of the Venice Biennale 2011 / Public, unofficial comment in an international context.

Cooperation with artist Jacob Brogaard and Lars Vilhelmsen


The Countlessaction against wars countless losses, performance in Gothenburg.

Groupshow The Travellers Box Port2010


Contribution to the virtual memorial.

2005 - 2010

Co-curator The Travellers Box


Brejning Art Museum, Building Brejning Art Museum. ­

The Kellerian Institutions in Brejning Keller ­ Centre for Experimental Art.

Symposium, workshop and exhibition "Indenforudenfor2005" Vejle DK. Project Inside Out ­ a place­related experiment.

2003 "Space between Spaces" Private app./lejlighed, Aalborg in cooperation with artist Helle Thorell



Among several projects in 2001 must be mentioned, Slowfood actions, photografhic streetart, in Hamburg.


SAKs Artbuilding, Denmark. Groupshow. Cooperation.

Establish Instute for contemporary art, artspace Aalbrog Denmark